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Work supported by the Centers for Disease Control (PERT #01-009ccd) resulted in a report that details survey activities conducted at the state level and in the published literature that address individual behaviors and attitudes related to nutrition, physical activity, sedentary behavior, and weight status among school-age children. The project was called ECSPANSE (Enumeration of Child State-level Physical Activity & Nutrition Surveillance Efforts). The overarching objective of this effort was to provide information that would be useful in assessing gaps in data collection that could inform, expand and strengthen state-based surveillance systems. In addition to providing a detailed description of methods used and results of our surveys and interviews with individuals working in states, as well as published literature findings, the report includes as appendices several detailed compendiums. For the state surveys these compendiums make it possible to look up: what specific states are doing in this area, which surveys cover which specific sub-topics, and how surveys are administered. For the published literature, the compendium include a bibliography of abstracted articles, details on administration and pre-testing by abstracted article, an index by survey with information on reported reliability/validity, and an index of surveys used in the published literature by topic area/domain and by specific sub-topics of interest.